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Let me introduce myself... I'm Caz, originally from the North East, but landed in Melton on my last posting at the Defence Animal Centre training dogs. 
After leaving the Army after 13 years I continued to work and train search dogs, whilst also receiving more and more requests to help owners with their dogs. This is when I decided to set up Dogaholics, in order to help people on a full time basis, although I still continue with my search work during my days off.
I have two working explosives detection dogs. Milo is a chocolate working cocker spaniel, who is the sweetest dog with a 3 litre engine in him! Rooster a Labrador x Pointer who was the first dog I trained when I left the army. He’s super driven and has a cheeky character that is loved by everyone. 
I am mad passionate about dogs and pride myself on helping owners to build strong, lasting relationships with their dogs.
Every dog is unique, therefore my methods includes using different tools and approaches to training which is tailored to the dog and the owner. It is important to me to help owners to enjoy living with their dog and giving them the tools and techniques to do so.
Don't continue to struggle get in touch for help!!

Training For Your Dog

Professional , effective and fun for you and dog. Adult and Puppy small group classes .

121 Training

121 Training sessions are tailored for any aspects of your dogs training or behaviour. These sessions are the best way to teach and educate you on how to make improvements with your dog. These sessions can take place in your home or outdoors.

Counter Surfing
Lead Walking
Separation Anxiety
Toilet Training
Ignoring Commands
Destructive Behaviour

The main cause for the majority of behavioural problems in dogs is lack of leadership and mismanagement.

All major behavioural issues start minor if not addressed these behaviour will only manifest deeper if not addressed , get in touch for help.

Dog Training Classes

we provide mixed training classes providing you with the tools and education you need to create a lasting relationship that you both can enjoy.

Our classes are small and friendly with a relaxed real life environment , we help you get your dog ready for the big wide world.

Pack Walks

Pack Walks are a great way of dealing with any issues that owners maybe facing , we help build confidence for you and your dog.

Pack walks not only provide a good environment but also provide appropriate socialisation in a calm pack providing rules and boundaries. Our walks are structured, controlled and guided with no pressure from other dogs.

It's also a great way to meet like minded people and provides a network of support no matter what tools we are using ,We do not judge.

This is great for anyone wanting a social or to address some unwanted behaviours.

If you aren't receiving any training with us it's advised you have a 121 training session but isn't compulsory, please contact us for assessment.

Cost is £15 payment secures space extra £5 for second dog Roughly 90 min walk

Call us on 07584 221923 to find out more


My 18month old springer Molly has always been nervous and reactive around strangers and dogs. Never would have thought I would see her being able to interact with them, but just two sessions in and I can see the massive change in her and not only am I happier, so is she! Caz has a great understanding of how to communicate correctly with your dog and you never feel like she’s thinking “Oh my God, she’s useless” ? Now both Molly and I are getting the training down and the only way is up. Just sorry I didn’t find her sooner!

by Sophie H Morgan
Caz has really helped build my confidence with training my puppy. She offers no nonsense practical training advice which works! The pack walks are great for working around other dogs and distractions.

by Fiona Seonaid Hart

Amazing, I couldn't recommend Caz enough!

We took our 16 month old Border Terrier (Buddy) to Caz as he developed a habit at barking and lunging at large dogs whilst on lead. after spending money on positive only training and a behaviourist we noticed very little change (if any). Caz immediately recognised what we were doing wrong and advised changing from a harness (which encouraged him to pull and be aggressive) to a slip lead and advised us on techniques on how to be the leader in our little pack. literally within 5 minutes Buddy could walk past other dogs without barking and lunging!

really happy we found a balanced trainer, this has now turned walking Buddy from a chore to a dream. I will definitely be attending some pack walks and continue 121's with Dogaholics to fine tune some recall and teach him how to settle in pubs, cafes etc.

thanks again 

by Tristan Mclocklin

Caz came over today for a 1-1 session with our little dog Walter .... Walter suffers from anxiety and we have tried many different things with him and had behavioural specialists out to help. By far Caz has given us the most valuable information and she is fab at what she does !! I will definitely be using her services again and already some commands have helped with Walter tonight! Would highly recommend!

 by Jenna Woodward

I would highly recommend Caz as a trainer. After spending hundreds of pounds on positive only trainers and not getting anywhere or any results I was pulling my hair out with my dogs, both been rescues I think I felt sorry for them and treated them like babies rather than dogs.after meeting and speaking with caz a lot of unwanted behaviours my dogs were displaying was actually down to me and not the dogs now with clear boundaries and teaching the dogs with different tools and environments of how to behave and what's acceptable and what's not walks are so much more enjoyable and manageable. still a long way to go but thank you can for your time and patience. Excellent trainer cannot recommend enough.

by Natalie Jamieson

I had a training session with Caz a week ago. My issues were my male dog barks at other dogs bigger than him, and recall for both my dogs is crap. I have always walked them using a halti to stop pulling. Started the session using a slip lead and practicing loose lead walking. Both actually responded to this well, i have been using a slip lead to carry on the training at home and its working! I haven't needed the halti at all. And weirdly their behaviour off lead has become a lot better, listening to me alot more and waiting for instruction. Caz really knows her stuff and im so glad i came across her first when looking for a trainer! Highly recommend. Photo is 5 minutes after letting them off lead, they came back when i asked and sat and waited until i said to go again, something that they wouldn't do before, not perfect but loads better.

by Roxanne Lopez-Smith
Had a meeting with Caz yesterday for an hour. I needed some help with my lurcher. Well! What a difference a hour makes. We’ve got 2 weeks training ( homework) to do, but I’m sure now, things are going to be so much better, for me and my dog. Don’t hesitate to call and get help. ? happy with Caz and how she was with my dog.
by Lindsey Mills
I thought with my dog there would be a lot of work to put in to stop him lunging at other dogs and constantly pulling the lead and basically leading the walks. After a 1hr session he was walking by my side with no pulling. I took him out the day after for our first walk using the techniques I was given and it was the easiest and best walk we’ve ever been on. He stuck by my side the whole way and even started looking up at me looking for direction. Absolutely over the moon. Would 100% recommend Dogaholics to anyone having dog troubles.

by Tony Walker

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